Curbside Concessions

Curbside Concessions Available Now

Due to COVID-19 Precautions, we are not open for showings but we can still serve “CURBSIDE CONCESSIONS” on FRIDAYS from 5-7pm.

Place and pay for your order online throughout the week and we will fill your order as soon as you pull up on FRIDAY to ensure “Fresh, Hot Popcorn” for your movie enjoyment at home!

For Pickup: Call us at 682-4023 when you park and let us know your car color and we will bring your order right to your vehicle!

PLEASE DO NOT call until you are parked to ensure your order is HOT and not waiting for you. If you get a busy signal, give us a second and call back, we only have one phone line.

Thank you so much for your local support, we look forward to playing a new film after this curtain closes!

Place your order for this Friday on our Square Webpage Below.

Purchase an E-Gift Card for Yourself or a Friend on our Square E-Gift Card Webpage Below.

Curbside Concessions FAQ

Is it available all weekend?
We are currently only serving popcorn on Fridays from 5-7 but you can place your order all week long.

How does it work?
Order online, drive to theatre on Friday between 5-7 and park, give us a call at 682-4023 when you are parked, your order will be brought right to your driver side window!!

I got a busy signal at 682-4023 should I just come in?
No, we only have one phone line so if it’s busy just wait a few seconds and try back! You will be next in line!

Are the orders pre-prepared and sitting before I arrive?
No, when you park and call, your order will be pulled and made RIGHT THEN! So it’s made to order for you this is why you shouldn’t call until your parked.

What’s the biggest size?
Actually the large and the bucket are the same size just a different container, the best deal right now is the 2 larges!!

Are refills available?
No, currently we can not do refills but we have lowered all of our prices to reflect that.

Can I get butter on my popcorn?
Yes!!! You can order butter or no butter online and if you have specific directions on layering etc, just checkout and when you all to pickup Friday let us know.

Do you accept cash right now?
No, all orders must be placed online where you can checkout with a credit or debit card.

Why is the pricing different?
It is hard to be able to have a COMBO price with all of our different options so we lowered the price of everything for you to make your own unique combination!

Why are you doing this?
Unfortunately we are not sure how long this will last and we hate to see our employees without work so this is the best we can offer!

What precautions are you taking?
We are not accepting cash or check, only online payment, so there is no physical money transactions, we only have employees that already live together working on a shift, and we are not allowing any public entrance of the building.

Can I buy a gift card and send it to a friend?
Yes you can buy a digital e-gift card and email it to a friend to use.

Can I buy a gift card so I don’t have to keep imputing my card info?

Yes, you can purchase an e-gift card on the website and then use the redemption code each week to pay.